• Learning the hard way and setting goals, my story of failure

    Lately last year (2014) I decided I wanted to change part of my life.
    I realized that a lot of my time was spent commuting, that my job wasn’t exciting me very much and that I wanted to be able to stay with my family when they needed it.

    After this thought I understood that the best way to turn this situation around was to find a different job.
    I was already familiar with the idea of working remotely (mostly thanks to the Basecamp book, REMOTE).
    It was something that fascinated me and I wanted to start doing that.

    I was already organized and focused on tasks, therefore taking the remote step would be effortless.

    The remote thing was something very popular in some companies and I already knew some I would’ve liked to be in, some really good companies, like Automattic (the ones behind WordPress). (more…)